Jumbo Snacks Sunflower Seeds are Grown Bigger To Taste Better

Jumbo Snacks


At Jumbo Snacks, we are committed to bring you the very best quality.  For your convenience, we have placed nutritional information below.  Simply click on the size and you'll be provided the information.

Description Nutrition Information
Sunflower Seeds 2.0 oz.   5.0 oz. 10.5 oz. 16.0 oz.
Ranch Sunflower Seeds 2.0 oz. 5.0 oz.     16.0 oz.
BBQ Sunflower Seeds   5.0 oz.      
Pumpkin Seeds 2.5 oz.        
Pumpkin Seeds 8/12 ct. caddy 2.5 oz.        
Mega-Seeds No Salt Added   5.5 oz.      
Salt & Pepper Sunflower Seeds   5.0 oz.      


We currently ship to the 48 contiguous United States plus Alaska and Hawaii.  If you’re interested in shipment outside of the United States, please call 209-373-2406.