Jumbo Snacks Sunflower Seeds are Grown Bigger To Taste Better

Jumbo Snacks

Jumbo Original and Dill flavored sunflower seeds sitting in a baseball glove.


Jumbo is not only our brand name, it also refers to the large size of our sunflower seeds. Our seeds are “Grown Bigger To Taste Better”. Our larger seeds are easier to crack open and the kernels are much more fulfilling.  They are roasted to perfection and our seasoning process allow the flavor to penetrate to the kernel.  They are simply the best seeds on the market.


"JUMBO isn't just our brand name but it is also the size of our sunflower seeds."

Sunflower seeds are a popular snacking item. So what is the difference between Jumbo and the other guys?  Sunflower Seeds are measured by their diameter. The sizing is based on a 64th of an inch. Most companies prefer to use the smaller 16/64 or 18/64 size seed to keep the cost down. At JUMBO, we prefer to use the larger 24/64 size. The larger seed means a larger kernel.

Sunflower Seeds are most often consumed when a fun activity is taking place. Therefore, we've tried to create a fun and vibrant style of packaging. Sunflower Seeds are a Simple, Fun, and Healthy Snack.

To learn more about the healthy aspects of sunflower seeds, visit the National Sunflower Association at www.sunflowernsa.com.


Trying to reduce your sodium?

JUMBO SNACKS produces a Roasted No Salt Sunflower Seed for the ultimate in healthy snacking.  This product has less than 5 mg of natural sodium.  We do not add any salt to this product, just a great roast.  Sunflower Seeds are one of the best whole food sources of antioxidents, especially vitamin E, giving you 76% of your daily value in a 1 oz serving.  They provide an ideal heart healthy fat profile, are high in protein, and naturally low in carbohydrates.

 Even our regular seeds are lower in sodium than most.  We have developed a way to produce a product that has less salt than most other brands. This process allows us to have a low sodium notification on all of our sunflower seed packages. 


We are a peanut free facililty.